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I'm Amy Elizabeth Cory, an elementary art teacher and artist who is excited to share my love for creating and making. I hope my pieces bring a smile to your face and are worn, used, and loved as I loved creating them! 


     As a little girl, I loved to make all sorts of things for myself, family, and friends. I drew pictures for my father's boss & neighbors, embroidered and knitted pieces to give to my grandma, and gifted my school clay creations to Grandad Duey.

     My love for art and creating grew as I did. I just loved learning new techniques and gaining new skills. I began working with copper and enamel, painting on canvas, and creating stained glass windows.

     After earning my art degree from Iowa State University, I got married and started a family. My art skills were put to use almost daily as I ran my own in-home daycare business.

     Now I work with elementary art students and pass along my love for creating with young, eager minds who continue to inspire my own work.



     When you order from Amy Elizabeth Cory Creativeworks, you can trust that my work is my own, carefully made from materials that are safe and durable. Fabric is washed with scent-free detergent; I only use lead-free glaze on my ceramic pieces.

     I have always expressed my love for friends and family with the pieces I create for them. Welcome to my family!

Business Goals

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