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At AEC Creativeworks, we believe in fostering a creative haven where every individual is valued and kindness is not just encouraged but expected. Our space is dedicated to nurturing artistic expression, and we wholeheartedly embrace an atmosphere of respect, support, and collaboration. Together, let's make art not only with our hands but also with our hearts, creating a community that thrives on creativity and kindness.

Private Events

We're happy to work with you to arrange a private event for your group. Please reach out through the Connect With Us page to check availability and plan your event.

Class Information

The Clay Process:

Clay classes are designed for you to create your original pieces. These works must fully dry before firing in the kiln. After firing occurs, AEC Creativeworks will notify you to book your  glazing session at no additional cost and at a time that works in your schedule. Glazed pieces return to the kiln for final firing. The clay process can be unpredictable, and sometimes, despite best efforts, a clay piece may face unexpected challenges. If your clay piece is accidentally damaged or destroyed, we invite you to retake the session at no additional cost.

You will be notified when your piece is ready to be picked up. If pieces are not picked up after 60 days, they become property of AEC Creativeworks. 


Please wear comfortable clothing that may become messy. Aprons will be provided.

Personal Needs:

Please feel free to bring a water bottle or your own snacks. A portable restroom is available on site.

Project Completion:

Depending on the type of class, your project may not be immediately available for you to take home. Please read carefully the class information when you book to know if the project will require later pick-up.


Several restaurants are located in the surrounding area should you choose to visit before or after your class to make a full experience of your time. 

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