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All Fired Up!

Wintertime brought all sorts of ceramics projects! Ornaments, figurines, plates, vases--a creative burst of energy has seen all sorts of new inventory for AEC Creativeworks. Many of the items are already available on the Ceramics Page, but here's a behind-the-scene glimpse at my working process.

I have a slab roller and small kiln at my home, so after gathering many shapes for cutting and textured rollers, pieces start to take shape. My clay work began before the holiday season, so some of the first pieces I created reflected this. Evergreen trees, mittens, Dala horses, teapots, and cozy houses were some of the first pieces I glazed and fired.

When the new year began, I looked ahead to springtime holidays and themes. Easter eggs and bunnies, along with hearts, were part of the next group to be fired. Baby onesies and dogs--Wheatons, corgis, and dachshunds, specifically--were included, too.

Many of the ornaments I cut out can be stand-alone items or strung together as a garland.

Here are a few more finished pieces--aren't these bunnies just perfect for springtime and Easter? They're three-dimensional and able to stand on their own. Upcoming projects will have some of the dogs available as a similar item.

Keep checking the blog for pieces as they become available. Have a particular item or shape in mind? Just reach out to ask--I probably have something that will work for you, and I'd be happy to customize a piece for your home or as the perfect gift!

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